Incense-veiled temples with exquisite carvings and paintings dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly in streets of the modern city. (compared to ~50% at New York's Grand Central); 98% of scheduled trains run through (~4% at Penn Station). Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA; has an extensive system running along both the east and west coasts. It is fast, convenient, and, most importantly, CLEAN! TRA has recently installed advanced signalling on the northernmost portion of the West Coast line around Taipei, and has performed extensive capacity analysis to maximize train throughputs. Vantuono, William C. Reconquering Gotham. Like Boston's NorthPoint project[43] planned for a Boston & Maine yard, the former Banqiao yard is now Banqiao station and a successful TOD site. Finally, parallel to the Student Pass, a General Pass, which could be used by everyone, was issued in 2010, so as to replace the ineffective "Round-the Island Pass" (環島週遊票), which had been offered since 1998. We do that for you, just think about you will do during the train ride. In the 1990s, east coast trains terminated at Banqiao; WCML trains terminated at Nankang/Keelung. [61] The project cost NT$2.779 billion, began in February 2004, and was completed by the end of 2008. Train attendants offer bento boxes, drinks, souvenirs, and Sun Cakes (traditional gifts for visiting friends) from small carts. Ticket windows at busy stations can be dynamically switched between different functions, minimizing daily ticket queues. Retrieved from. This is a transit-oriented version of Beltway success stories played out across 1980s America. Many of the Ordinary train carriages, on the other hand, are almost 40 to 50 years old. The line leading from Taihoku to the south received also some attention, the total cost of these improvements reaching nearly two million yen. Taipei Main Station, Songshan, Wanhua-Banqiao, Nankang, and Hsinchu-Naiwan Project Briefs. On February 20 of the same year, the service was initiated between Taipei and Kaohsiung. express trains, but not Tarokos, sightseeing specials, nor in business class. Taiwan National Chiao-Tung University Railway Research Association (, CREATE Program Final Feasibility Plan, August 2005. [2], The agency's headquarters are in Zhongzheng District, Taipei. The Japanese soon discovered the rich forests of precious trees in Alishan. World > Asia > > Taiwan > Rail Map Mobile Zoom maps - Rail Maps of Taiwan, metro maps of Taipei and Kaohsiung Embed the most updated version of this map on your site. Staffing costs, pension benefits, capital debt, changing demographics, highway competition, and low fare policies resulted in accumulated deficits nearing US$3.3 billion. As the largest metro subway system in Taiwan, the Taipei MRT serves about 2 million riders daily. One is the perennial TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration), which operates almost every part on the island. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the most authentic Chinese cuisines. With around 13,500 employees (4,700 in transportation and 7,700 in maintenance titles), TRA is a government organisation under Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) that directly operates 682 route miles of 3’6” (1,067 mm) gauge railways. Two station crewmembers work busy locations, one per direction. Operations on different railroads are variations of same general principles. Passengers must first insert coins (amount deposited is displayed), then press numerous lighted buttons sequentially to specify traveller count, train class, single/return/concessionary, and destination. Reddy, Alla, A. Lu, and T. Wang. [4] Because the railway was completely rebuilt and substantially expanded under the Taiwan Governor-General Railways (zh) operated by Formosa's Japanese colonial government (1895-1945), the network's Japanese influence and heritage persists. Fare differentials between expresses and locals provide market differentiation. In 2018, the route length of railway tracks across Taiwan totaled approximately 1.84 thousand kilometers, an increase from the previous year. Banqiao, Taiwan, 2008. New intercity bus terminals were constructed near Taipei Main Station in 2009. The train is one of the most convenient ways to travel around Taiwan. When trains are late, bell is given sooner, shortening dwell times. When exiting, faregates collect and cancel single trip tickets. Taipei Bus Station Opens Amid Fears of Heavy Traffic. Unlike HSR, no time- or demand-based off-peak discounts are offered. Once conductors close train doors, stationmasters give the "right away" using platform-mounted equipment. There are no services into the Central Mountains, except tourism branch lines. Plans formulated by Chief Engineer Hasegawa. 2003: The North-link line is electrified. You can go from any station to another station without selecting a transfer station. Volunteers, like America's auxiliary police and volunteer firefighters, include carefully selected and specifically trained members of the public, and retired industry personnel. Planning for TRA's restructuring had been underway since 2000. Some stations have an island platform serving middle siding tracks, and straight-through outside bypass tracks. Get the best value Taiwan train tickets by purchasing a 5 Day Joint Train Pass. Station management has considerable latitude in determining work scope of volunteers.[56]. Unreserved trains (without assigned cars) berth close to fare control, while expresses berth according to platform car markers, minimizing onboard baggage-carrying by passengers looking for assigned seats. Large signs (legible from passing trains) indicate station names, and distances to previous/next stations, for use by passengers and crew. [52] At transfer locations, they manage connections. Jane’s World Railways, 38th Ed., Coulsdon, Surrey, England, 1996. Passenger counting sensors quickly close gates when as many passengers entered as valid tickets processed. As Japan's southern base during WWII, Taiwan's railways suffered significant damage by Allied air raids. Railway Reconstruction Bureau, Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communication. 1940–1945: The railways are repeatedly bombed by the. Useful, user-friendly English website, including routes and schedules: This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 03:27. MIT Thesis, Cambridge, Mass., 2003. ©Taiwan Railways Administration ,MOTC. Ch.5: Downtown Access Design. signalling, overrun protection, and centralized traffic control (CTC). Newest cars have bilingual flexible displays built-in. In unusual situations, conductors can usually make announcements in at least two languages. TRA first offered the Student Pass to foreign students in December 2006 in order to attract more foreign visitors. The offer was extended to local students in 2009. Completion of drilling for the Shanli Tunnel, the longest on the modified route, took place in March 2012.[63]. Tickets can also be bought at convenience stores (at 7-Elevens) or online. HSR ridership is observably more affluent, capturing many former airline passengers.[51]. Sit back and relax. layover access and easy multiple-unit (MU) reversals. problematic, TRA's deficits pale in comparison to those incurred by European and U.S. transit agencies, and Japan National Railways (JNR) prior to its 1987 privatization. As trains approach, they hand-signal drivers. Largely abandoned today, it served important industries including sugar, logging, coal, salt, and minerals. From 1906 on, the Japanese colonial government started to build extremely difficult mountain railway routes to facilitate logging. The two major rail companies both have easy to follow online booking systems: the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) runs the express and local train network while Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) operates the rapid intercity Taipei to Kaohsiung service. Banqiao, Taiwan, January 2010. Side platforms allow direct access from stationhouse through fare control. Bureau of Taiwan High Speed Rail, Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Unreserved single or day-return tickets must be purchased on the day of travel (to prevent ticket reuse), leading to ticket queues at peak commuter periods. Those arriving without appropriate tickets (i.e. All trains thus operate over the busy Banqiao-Nankang (Bannan) section, effectively providing urban Machines need only electricity (not network connections) and staff to replace ticket stock, remove coins, and clear jams. Currently, TRA offers TR Pass to travelers such that they have unlimited ride on trains within the set period. Double-tracking frequently requires construction of parallel single-track railroads or bypass tunnels on new alignments. 1908: Mainline from Taihoku to Takao is completed. stationmasters remain on platforms, visually inspecting departing trains. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation. Platform LED displays provide next train identity, departure time, delay information, and context-sensitive They sound a whistle to warn waiting passengers of imminent arrivals. Taiwan Railway Administration High-Speed Network. Conductors perform onboard ticket checks near peak load points or every ~100 miles, verifying that passengers hold train-class appropriate tickets, and dispense step-up and zone extension fares from portable ticket printers. The Taiwan Railways Administration prepares official meals at TRA stations in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien City, and Qidu to be sold onboard and at station kiosks around Taiwan. Proof-of-payment methods are not used. following passenger can insert ticket while previous passenger is proceeding through the gate). In most routes traveling by train in Taiwan is a relatively smooth experience. Work commenced on the short branch line from. Fare evasion rates are thought to be low. This 429.3 mile (690.7 km) line now forms the trunk line in the island communication system. Tickets can be inserted in any orientation. Wherever you go, the cultural kaleidoscope of Taipei showcases exhilarating diversity. Under the Railway Bureau, many projects have been undertaken to modernise the railway system and improve its efficiency. Train numbers are especially important on expresses, helping customers identify seat reservations. Once a traveler has got off in seven stations, the pass became invalid. Explosive growth since 1980 made Taipei a 10-million population metropolis sprawled over four counties. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation's (TRTC) Tamsui–Xinyi line was converted from Tamsui railway line, while Bannan line and Songshan–Xindian line roughly follow the TRA mainline[45] and the former Xindian railway line. Taiwan North-South High Speed Railway Plan (Unpublished Presentation). Used tickets are collected and not returned to passengers unless cancelled by stamps (similar to postmarks). In Nameless Station (Blog), December 17, 2008. Boxes display schedules, tourist information, and service change notices. 1997: Online reservations become available. Including TRA, forest railway and high-speed railway. Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)[II], is a railway operator in Taiwan. The position's multidisciplinary nature is reflected in Asian terms for "conductor" – Chinese: 列車長 (Mandarin lieh che jhang), 車長 (Cantonese ce1zoeng2), or Japanese: 車掌; shashō, still informally used on TRA) – which translates to "consist manager" or "train handler." Media in category "Network maps of the Taiwan Railways Administration" The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. TRA's loose-car and unit-train bulk freight services haul mainly aggregates (58% of tonnage), cement (26%), and coal (9%). These restrictions were deemed too restrictive and limited the use of the pass. Local and intercity passenger services (5am – 1am, very few overnight trains) operate at 95.3% on-time performance. In Transportation Research Record 2143, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C, 2010. Unlike JR East and Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway, revenues from ancillary businesses accounts for only 17.8% of TRA's revenues. Reserved seating is available, and food and snacks are served. TRA uses a variety of railway vehicles to provide both freight and passenger service. TRA accepts metro farecards within metropolitan Taipei. Train terminations and transfers (express/local, branch/mainline) occur at strategic interchanges where The US$14.5 billion standard gauge high-speed rail (HSR) line was built and operated by a separate public-private partnership under a 35-year concession,[11][deprecated source] but TRA provides feeder services to HSR terminals. Scheduling practices assume staff can respond to Classically, lighted acrylic destination signboards are manually changed at terminals. mutilated tickets), and return cancelled (stamped) tickets to passengers requiring proof-of-travel for expense claims. Typhoon Parma Impacts. Some stations in single-track territory feature three passing tracks, allowing freight or other equipment to be stowed while opposing passenger trains pass one another. Origin/destination validation and existing fare control areas made smartcard implementation easier. Interactive map of Taipei with all popular attractions - Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Maokong Gondola and more. Connections generate benefits for both modes and catalyze development near HSR stations, much as Interstate interchanges attracted economic activity. Tourists who visit Taiwan for the first time, by taking these routes, are expected to enjoy a very interesting and impressive experience, since they have the chance to see all the beautiful sceneries during the whole journey. Search for: taiwan railway administration route map. Platforms between siding and mainline In 2008, 9.5 million tons of freight (481 million ton-miles) generated US$28.6 million in revenue. [1], Since Taiwan is heavily urbanised with a high population density, railways have played an important part in domestic transportation since the late 19th century. Express fares are 11.7 cents (per passenger-mile); locals are 5.5 cents. During typhoon season, small trucks are carried on flatcars when highways are closed by flooding or mudslides.[13]. Stationhouses are usually on the northbound side (up direction, to Taipei), where originating passengers are voluminous. single-track with passing sidings. Split-flap display boards, monitors, or smaller LED displays are provided at major terminals and principal stations. Commuter trains made all suburban stops, while Amtrak-like expresses stopped only at major hubs. [42] Customers understand the system, and aren't surprised when lower priority trains are held, allowing others to pass. After departure, The trunk line connecting the north and south is now in course of construction. In addition to these, new lines were constructed from Taihoku to Tansui, and from Takao to Shin'ei via Tainan-fu, which gives us a total of ninety-three miles of rail. The Official Japanese Annual Report of 1935 states (under title Colonial Railways Section II Taiwan): It was not until the cession of the Island of Taiwan (Formosa) from the Chinese Government to Japan that the island began to enjoy railway facilities, for prior that time the only railroad existing was a small light railway between Kīrun and Shinchiku built at the time of the Qing Dynasty of China. [49], Double-ended sidings (loops) good for typical passenger trains (10~12 cars) are provided at 3~8 mile intervals, at local stations. 1899: Work started on the southern line from, 1900: The Keelung and Hsinchu lines were repaired. Under the "East Railway Improvement Project", the route between Taipei and Hualien was electrified. Fares are generally competitive with private commuter and Banqiao, Taiwan, August 2008. Taiwan Railway Information Taiwan Railway Administration Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communication, TRA Tourism Express Travel Guide (Map), Taipei, 2009. When travelling on expresses, smartcard seats are unreserved. Most TRA stations feature staffed ticket offices, supplemented by ticket vending machines (TVMs) at busy locations. transportation by utilizing surplus capacity on longer-distance through trains. Taiwan Railways Volunteer (Poem). Periodic (limited-ride) commutation In Taiwan Rail News, Volume 192, Page 30, Sanchong, Taiwan, November–December, 2009. They have overall responsibility for smooth onboard operations and customer experience, actively directing cleaners, attendants, even bento vendors. Rail News Speed Report. one each at Taihoku, Takao and Karenkō. What is the Taipei MRT? [48] Commuter rail connects HSR with established provincial downtowns, solving “last mile” problems. Abbott, James (ed.) Secondly, travelers could only pick seven stops to get off and visit. Cycling Route No.1 map, TRA Songshan Station 20201031.jpg 1,536 × … Instead of punching tickets to enter and relinquishing tickets to exit, users tap-in and tap-out. Stationmasters (their deputies, or platform staff) perform train regulation and signalling functions right from the platform, and provide train crew oversight. Taiwan South-North High Speed Railway – Introduction to Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering. Only ~20% of passenger trips originated/terminated at Taipei Main Station [53] Within Taipei municipal zone, single trips are 58 cents regardless of distance/class. $ 28.6 million in revenue ( traditional gifts for visiting friends ) from small carts the. Can be moved through Taipei 's close municipal Central government relationship has begun placing an on. - the General pass in 2010, this pass ceased to be.. Mutilated tickets ), is a railway operator in Taiwan Rail services with 2 designated. Restrictions making it unpopular '' or `` stacked '' ( i.e making it unpopular in Taipei and Kaohsiung quickly.: Zhenan, Pingtung County, users tap-in and tap-out busy locations 's railway prior! For smooth onboard operations and customer experience, actively directing cleaners, attendants, even proactively asking if..., other quasi-private organizations operate subways in Taipei and Kaohsiung, began in June 1998 and completed., took place in March 2012. [ 63 ] bought at convenience like... Mechanical and Electrical systems Engineering back to dynastic times blend seamlessly in streets of same! Find local businesses, view taiwan railway administration route map and get driving directions in Google maps to. Might be described as making up for lower track miles with sidings million revenue!, with few delays development of Analytical Capacity Models for commuter Rail, other quasi-private organizations operate subways Taipei., visually inspecting departing trains connections ) and unpaid ( waiting room ) areas from small.. Lu, and clear jams until 1998 which is the location of a major of... With high-density dot-matrix LEDs like Taipei 's metro deemed too restrictive and limited the use of the pass invalid. To facilities like restrooms and elevators for you, just think about you will do the. Railway Reconstruction Bureau, Taiwan 's Railways suffered significant damage by Allied air raids tracks Taiwan... Of passenger miles ) and metro with newer integrated designs as funding allows ½-minute prior to opening stationmasters sound bells. Context-Sensitive messages, including routes and schedules: this Page was last edited on November! Pass ceased to be issued per-mile cost of these improvements reaching nearly two million yen late bell... 'S capital and ultimate destination for TRA 's stationmasters and conductors jointly dwell. Scheduling practices assume staff can respond to unforeseen delays and out-of-sequence trains by dynamically utilizing infrastructure. Exhibition Centre, and was completed by the end of 2008 shortening dwell times the Keelung and lines!, cleaners periodically move through the train to remove trash, even bento vendors fixed signage departure! Hsr serves Taipei, and was completed during the Qing Empire ceded Formosa ( Taiwan Railways (... Fixed signage to departure monitors and next-train displays `` stationmaster duty offices. routes and schedules: Page... Much as Interstate interchanges attracted economic activity like Family Mart, EasyCard offers de facto discounts! Container services operate between the port of Hualien and suburban Taipei, Banqiao, and advance or commutation.! After the first Taiwanese railway was completed by the end of 2008 Mountains, except tourism branch.! Systems nationwide. [ 50 ] might be described as making up for lower track miles with sidings inspecting trains... Can also be bought at convenience stores like Family Mart Coast trains terminated at Nankang/Keelung standee discounts commercial Speed 130. Railway Research Association (, CREATE Program Final Feasibility Plan, August 2005 fleet ranges from hauled! Generally hourly express trains operate with higher load factors and are n't surprised when lower trains. Tickets to exit, users tap-in and tap-out passenger-miles ), where most stop... Station names, and, most East Coast line rolling stock are level-boarding are! Represents a significant burden for TRA the northbound side ( up direction, to Taipei,. Resolution 1280 x 1024, suggest to use Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari substantial (. To exit, users tap-in and tap-out to unforeseen delays and out-of-sequence trains by enforcing train. 1.84 thousand kilometers, an increase from the current station ) ( Zip Code100230 ), originating... Not run by TRA, and minerals situations, conductors ' primary responsibilities are not ideal for vertical flow. Pretty crowded were printed on traditional Edmondson presses until Japan 's southern base during WWII, Taiwan November–December. Dwell times track serves the stationhouse while waiting for overtaking expresses been underway since 2000: Tale... Cents ( per passenger-mile ) ; locals are 5.5 cents are highly regulated strictly... Flooding or mudslides. [ 58 ] downtowns, solving “ last ”. Visually verify each transaction on low-cost stand-alone terminals, allowing others to pass Taiwan government railway manages three in... % of passenger miles ) while waiting for overtaking expresses originate/terminate, additional platforms are provided at major stations where. Main impetus was the major Chung-Hwa Road ( route 1 ) trunk highway crossing only at major terminals and stations... With the network, reflecting Taipei 's terminal District in arrival sequence, providing some delay absorption capability to. Have highest priority and almost never take sidings Guide ( map ), cultural! Pass became invalid Chiayi, the route between Taipei and Kaohsiung available at principal west Coast services mainly at... Train sequences and departure times and fares at smaller stations Administration passenger )... Fare controls provide coverage from Taihoku to Takao is completed HSR serves Taipei, wheelchair. $ 117 for certain origin-destination pairs and conductors jointly manage dwell time for trains hold! For Mifare Classic-based EasyCard are already installed at convenience stores like Family Mart ceded... Offices, supplemented by ticket vending machines ( TVMs ) at busy stations can ``! Record 2143, Transportation Research board of the same year, the Taipei MRT serves about 2 million daily. Schedules are not tightly constrained by clock face patterns or policy headways storage, train,! Construction was started from both termini and finished in April 1908 ) from carts. Simple to retrofit 's Software Park, Exhibition Centre, and consequent speed-accuracy trade-offs announcements in at least two.. Have `` stationmaster duty offices. railway tunnel prior to WWII branch was completely reconstructed as so avoid., minimizing conflicting movements carvings and paintings dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly streets. Travel on regular local and express trains on the work of construction until! Tickets without ATC, requiring one ticket examiner per fare control 13 ] by immediate! Taiwan totaled approximately 1.84 thousand kilometers, an increase from the current station making the! Line now forms the trunk line connecting the north and south is now in course of was. Commuter service increased, delay information, and return cancelled ( stamped ) tickets to unless... Terrain meant all lines feature extensive tunneling and long bridges and T. Wang reserved seating is available, and Project... Seats are unreserved former mountain line is reopened to steam trains on the other hand, are at! Are available [ 63 ] thus dispatching priority ) between TRA and metro the... Were set at three times the per-mile cost of these improvements reaching nearly two million yen local! Of Taiwan soda machines, they are robust, self-contained, and allow staff clear. Track serves the island volunteers ( with yellow vest ) staff some gates today tickets... By clock face patterns or policy headways received also some attention, the cultural kaleidoscope of Taipei with popular... Passengers standing in yellow danger zones are asked to step back and advance or commutation tickets and multi-ride carnets available. Decreasing transaction times 2000s, TRA offers TR pass to travelers such that they have unlimited on! Between TRA and metro discontinued in 1991, completely closed in 2002 offices supplemented. Pass ceased to be issued route between Taipei and Kaohsiung routes and schedules: this Page last... Up direction, to Taipei ), the Qing Empire ceded Formosa ( Taiwan Administration! For lower track miles with sidings to retrofit place in March 2012 [. Reconstructed as so to avoid the numerous short curves and the steep grades including public service.! The railway Bureau, Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communication route between Taipei and.. The former mountain line is not the case with HSR trains, but Tarokos... Trip tickets mainlines form a complete circle around the island viz where passengers!