Or use a pot that has holes in the bottom, and drop it into the decorative pot. But if the other mix works better for you, then stick with I’d that. 🙂. If you are more of the ignore your plant type, you want a more organic blend. The beauty of this mix is that it makes it harder to overwater. It is super cheap, doesn’t break down and takes up unused space that would otherwise waste expensive products. On its own, sand isn't an ideal potting soil. A super gritty succulent soil mix will make overwatering almost impossible. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Your plants might wobble a bit until their roots are established in their new home. The large particles of gritty mixes are much easier to clean than regular potting soil, which is a plus if you plant indoors—or if you have pets or children occasionally knocking over your houseplants. I used the soil to create two shiny new succulent container gardens with the cuttings and extra plants I had (they turned out super cute BTW!). If you’re like me, you’ll find that gritty mix soil makes you a happier indoor gardener as well. Although you can buy commercial succulent soil, it’s easier and cheaper to make your own. Well sure, but be careful… all potting soils are NOT created equal. I’ve noticed the gritty mix gets a fair amount of mold growing on it. Silt Crumbly silt holds nutrients and moisture but packs down like clay does. Features… FASTEST DRAINING SUCCULENT / CACTUS SOIL AVAILABLE! I use wooden barbecue skewers to hold them upright until they can stand by themselves, but in the past, I’ve gotten creative with household items like pens or even paintbrushes. If this is okay then how do I know how often to water them? I would recommend watering them every 12-14 days during the summer, and maybe once every month or two during the winter. gritty succulent soil really wasn’t any different than if I had used another type of potting soil. But I find that many types of succulent soils on the market aren’t gritty enough to drain quickly, and therefore hold too much water (which means it’s very easy to overwater!). The cactus soil I used didn’t drain well enough and resulted in root rot for most of my first plants. The one in soil is flourishing, even in the winter! Net Weight (lb): 10.38 lb. Turface is also found at most auto parts stores as a product called “Oil-dri,” which mechanics use to clean up oil spills. A well draining soil mix will prevent root rot that can quickly be caused by heavy soil blends. Every cactus gardener has different preferences, and gritty mix isn’t for everybody. Bailey’s Sharp Sand conforms to British Standards grading for concrete – BS EN 12620: 2002. Explore She loved using her hauler dump trucks and diggers to move it around the deck from various “borrow pits” to “construction sites”. This type of sand is often mixed with concrete for construction applications. It was also very easy to work with, and potting up my succulents in the  gritty succulent soil really wasn’t any different than if I had used another type of potting soil. It has better water holding capacity. Generally speaking January 21, 2019. The remainder is a mixture of compost, worm castings, and other fertilizer. Cactus compost is a gritty, free-draining mixture designed for succulents. If so, you want a mix that is more gritty. But I totally understand your concern. You can also find Bonsai Jack products for sale on Amazon. I grow most everything in a mixture of potting soil and orchid bark mix which really helps with drainage. Use whatever works! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The bark is kept at a fraction 1/3 or less, and the grit and Turface make up the remainder in a ratio that can be varied to adjust water retention. Aug 9, 2016 - Overwatering is a huge problem if you use the wrong type of succulent soil. I have some succulents I keep indoors in glass jars with gritty mix. I just repotted several pots with The Bonsai Jack succulent mix. The 5:1:1 mix does break down over time as the perlite degrades, so it's suggested to re-pot every year or two, while the gritty mix should hold up much, much longer. This suggests a potting mix over a potting soil, although what's in the bag counts a lot. I do that with succulents and ordinary flowering plants. Sharp sand can also be added to soil in order to create potting soil or to loosen clay soil. . The gritty mix: 1 part uncomposted screened pine or fir bark (1/8-1/4") 1 part screened Turface 1 part crushed Gran-I-Grit (grower size) or #2 cherrystone 1 Tbsp gypsum per gallon of soil (eliminate if your fertilizer has Ca) source: Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention XX . I mix my materials together in different ways depending on the plant I’m potting. If you get a dusty rock like lava rocks, you’ll need to wash these. Pathogen free with extended pathogen control. So, one sure way to tell is to gently squeeze the leaves every few weeks. Plants without soil sound strange to most of us, but stick with me! in my plant’s water every single time I water. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. I put about an inch or two depending on the size of the pot. Or use it to start growing a palm tree. Remember: If you choose this product instead of soil as your medium, make sure that each time you water it from top to bottom to the medium. PRO MIX Potting Mix Ready-to-use, this peat-based POTTING MIX is perfect for all indoor and outdoor container planting. Nitty Gritty. 6 scoops of coco chips n fiber. Ultra lightweight and airy. Put a layer of potting mix in the new pot and sit the plant on it. I use small gravel in the bottom of the pot to keep the soil from packing and plugging the drain hole. This may be a dumb question but do I mix anything with Bonsai Jacks mix or just use it alone? It is pricy yes, but it’s the best!! , or another porous material. I am wondering if i can use my promix cactus soil to start seeds or do i have to add coarse sand to it as well? Pathogen free with extended pathogen control. Package Depth (cm): 43.20 cm. Nitty Gritty on Soil Blocking. But if you tend to forget to water, or just don’t want to change your current schedule, you might not like this mixture! In my opinion, this isn’t a big deal, but it is a bit of a hassle. Trying to make a blend that works best for most people. It’s very easy to overwater them if there aren’t drainage holes, and using sand alone isn’t going to help much. I add half the recommended amount of CRF in the mix and then also supply nutrients when watering. I did everything right—or so I thought. The Ultimate Guide To Aloe Vera Plant Care, How to Propagate Succulents From Cuttings, How To Care For A Pothos Plant (Devil’s Ivy), 17 Of The Best Office Plants For Your Workspace, 15 Easy Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow, How To Fertilize Houseplants: The Ultimate Guide, Terms Of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. If you were already doing so, it won’t take much extra time at all! But using gritty mix soil for cactus is one step closer to getting the soil conditions with good drainage right. My brand new book Vertical Vegetables is now available for purchase!! You can find all of these products and more for sale on Bonsai Jack’s website. Time Release: Slow Release. Explore Junglekeeper Esteemed Contributor 10 Years. I’m just starting out & have ordered some mixed succulent cuttings from Amazon. Which means I can do some more experimenting!! Woodchips need to be soaked for a few hours, otherwise, they’ll be soaking up a lot of the water that you actually want your cacti or succulents to receive. I know what you mean about the soil being different, LOL! Nitty Gritty on Soil Blocking. Do not water for a few days to prevent rotting of damaged roots. Aug 9, 2016 - Overwatering is a huge problem if you use the wrong type of succulent soil. This most impressive thing about this soil from Bonsai Jack is that it’s one of the fastest draining soils available so it helps prevent overwatering and root rot. Overwatering is also the reason some of your succulents are rotting.